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The 4:14 Re-Entry House

The 4:14 House re-entry program is a faith-based initiative that provides a supportive environment for people who are transitioning back into society after experiencing challenges such as addiction, incarceration, or homelessness. The program is specifically designed for students who are living at the 4:14 Re-entry House and working a full-time job. The program’s goal is to help each participant grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ while learning how to successfully transition back into the world as a disciple of Christ. The program provides accountability, guidance, and support to participants as they face new challenges and temptations during their transition back into society. The program helps participants with basic life skills such as managing finances, finding employment, and building healthy relationships. It is an opportunity for participants to take steps towards integrating back into society and living their lives again free in Christ. The program is designed to help participants become self-sufficient and make a positive impact on their communities.

If you are interested in knowing the guidelines while in the 4:14 re-entry house, Download the Handbook Here